Learn How To Make Social Media Website Like Facebook Using MySQL | You can create your own Social Network Website Like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram Completely FREE. Yes, 3 Type Layout!  It’s not a dream with this video you can create your own social networking website in 20 minutes.


  • PHP 7.1 or Higher.
  • MySQLi.
  • GD Library PHP extension.
  • mbstring PHP extension.
  • cURL + allow_url_fopen enabled.

Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Features:

  • Highly Customization
  • Super Fast
  • High Performance
  • Fully Responsive
  • Latest Technology
  • Cloud Upload
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Earn More Money
  • Instant Messaging
  • All payment methods are supported!
  • Powerful Live Streaming


Follow the steps below to set up your site:

    1. Unzip the downloaded package and open the /Script folder to find all the script files. You will need to upload these files to your hosting web server using FTP or localhost in order to use them on your website.
    2. Below is the folder structure that needs to be uploaded to your website or localhost root directory.
    3. You should upload all the files.
    4. Once you are done uploading, open your browser (Google Chrome is recommended).
    5. Go to http://www.YOUTSITE.com/install
    6. Agree on the Terms of Use then click Next.
    7. Important! Before we start the installation, please make sure you have the following installed on your server.
    8. On the second page, make sure to fill in the required data.
      • Purchase Code – Envato purchase code: PUT “Sabbirwdx.com”
      • SQL Host name – MySQL hostname, e.g: localhost
      • SQL Username – MySQL username.
      • SQL Password – MySQL user password.
      • SQL Database – MySQL database name.
      • Site URL – Your Website URL, examples:
        • https://siteurl.com
        • https://www.siteurl.com
        • https://siteurl.com
        • https://subdomain.siteurl.com
        • http://localhost
        • https://siteurl.com/subfolder
      • Site Name – Your site name, max 32 characters.
      • Site Title – Your site title, max 100 characters.
      • Site E-mail – Your site email, ex: [email protected], Gmail, or Hotmail is not supported. It should be one of your server’s emails.
      • Admin Password– Choose your admin password.
    9. Once you have written the information, please click the install button and wait for a while, the installation process may take up to 5 minutes.
    10. We are ready to go!

What’s Next?

Important! after the installation is completed, you have to set the cronjob, please use the command below and add it to your server’s cronjob.
  • Open Linux terminal or log in thru SSH.
  • Run: crontab -e
  • Add this code to the list: */5 * * * * php -f {PATH_TO_SCRIPT_FROM_ROOT}/cron-job.php > /dev/null 2>&1.
  • Replace {PATH_TO_SCRIPT_FROM_ROOT} with the full path to the file, e.g: /home/playtube/public_html/cronjob.php
  • Save and exit.
  • If you are using cPanel, please follow these steps and replace the file name with cron-job.php, and make sure the cronjob run once every 5 minutes.

Live Demo: View Demo

Free Download Complete Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform:


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